What is a training? A Training is an informational and engaging demonstration presented and created by the advocates of The Arc of Adams County. These presentations can be done virtually, or we can visit your organization/group to present. Trainings exist to educate self-advocates, service providers, and community organizations on different subjects related to IDD! We have created these trainings because having access to trustworthy and useful information can make navigating the disability experience much easier.

Training Topics

Training topics include Special Education 101, IEP, Conflict Resolution, Disability Etiquette, Self Advocacy, Community/Victim/First Responder, Conflict Resolution, If I Were You and You Were Me, and Services & Supports. 

View the Power Points

Although viewing the Power Point alone will not replace an in-person or virtual training, it is a good place to start! 

Training Details

Self-Advocacy Training

This a 4 week class ideal for self advocates to learn and refine their self-advocacy skills. Are you new to using your self-advocacy skills? Want to increase your skills and confidence to speak up for yourself? Want to get closer to reaching your goals? This class is for you! Ideal for independent living programs, day programs, residential programs, advocacy groups. Groups of 10 or less recommended.

Community/Victim Advocate/First Responder Training

This is a 2 hour in-person/virtual training ideal for professionals wanting to learn more about working with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the community. This training promotes disability awareness, tips to improve interactions, increase positive outcomes, learn about community resources, and get any questions asked and answered!

If I Were You, and You Were Me

This is a 2 hour in-person/virtual training specifically for direct care staff and focused on person centered approaches. Learn more about how our attitudes and beliefs effect our own behavior, how our behavior may be contributing to other’s behaviors, learn to be more person centered, and encourage more positive experiences. Ideal for groups of 10 or less.

Conflict Resolution

This is a 1.5 hour in person/virtual training is ideal for professional in the I/DD system who are struggling with conflict management. Learn more about your own conflict management style, how to work better in teams, and how to be more person centered in your approach. Ideal for groups of 10
or less.

Services & Supports for People with IDD

This is a training about Services and supports in the Developmental Disability System. This is an hour training that is intended to be interactive so you can get all questions asked and answered. Ideal for anyone but especially for transition aged individuals and parents.

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