Legislative, systemic, & policy advocacy

Systemic Advocacy

Based on what we hear from our membership and from those we provide advocacy, we keep track of the potential systemic issues facing people with IDD in Adams County.  From those identified issues and our availability, we participate in related State stakeholder meetings scheduled to review Colorado Rules and Regulations, and contact local and State administrators who oversee programs with the intent to make systemic change. 


If you are interested in what the State is up to regarding Stakeholder opportunities (not just those related to people with IDD), you can find information here:

At times, we also advocate for legislative changes based on our systemic advocacy work.  We meet with Arc of Colorado and local chapters to review priority bills that affect people with IDD.  We may advocate for or against legislative bills related to people with IDD, as they relate to Arc of Adams County systemic priorities, by collaborating with other Arc chapters or by providing direct or written testimony at the capital. 

If you are interested in what the Arc of Colorado is tracking during legislative season, you can find it here:


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