What we do: adult advocacy Services

Advocacy is speaking with and/or on behalf of someone for a specific purpose.  Our advocacy support is specific, and issue based. We are not disability service providers and do not accept any governmental funding. In general, we provide disability and resource information, direct advocacy, systemic advocacy, and education/training. 

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Qualifying for Advocacy Services - Need help? Start here.

Call us at (303) 428-0310

The Arc Advocate will do an Intake and Discuss:

  • Qualifying for Advocacy
  • Assessing the Situation
    • Need
    • Level of Support
    • General Timeframe


Note: If you do not know if you qualify for The Arc of Adams County services, we can help you figure it out. Please give us a call (303) 428-0310

Due to the high demand for advocacy services, please allow 2-3 business days for a response after your request has been received.

what we do

The Arc helps and provides guidance to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and their families to resolve the advocacy issue. Our supports are issue based and our advocacy involvement is intended to be short term.  We will:

  • Identify Issue/Assess Need
  • Develop Advocacy Goal
  • Create a plan: what we will do and what you will do.
  • Work toward Resolution
  • Close Advocacy Case

Examples of Advocacy

  • Assistance understanding:
    • the IDD system,
    • how to apply for services,
    • advocacy to resolve any problems with your services and supports and
    • advocating for your needs and wants.
  • Providing resources for your wants and needs
  • Learning to advocate for yourself and understanding your rights and responsibilities.

Advocacy Forms/Guidance

Training & Events

In addition to providing Disability Information and Resources, Direct Advocacy, and Systemic Advocacy, we also provide education for self-advocates, providers of services, and community organizations to promote self-determination. Other trainings include: Self-Advocacy, Community/Victim/First Responder, Conflict Resolution, If I Were You and You Were Me, Services & Supports. Please click below to read summaries of each. 

See a training that interests you? Click below to request one!

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