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Services and Supports for People with IDD

A Community Center Board is the single-entry point for Services and Supports for people with IDD. In Adams County, the CCB is North Metro Community Services

What can a CCB do for you?   

  • Determine eligibility for services in the system that supports people with intellectual/developmental disabilities. See below*
  • Coordinate those services
  • Provide case management

A Community Centered Board can help a person in areas of:

  • Employment
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Health Care
  • Community Activities
  • Family Support
  • Behavioral
  • Other Related Needs

CCB’s statewide map:

Eligibility for CCB services is dependent on meeting the Colorado definition of I/DD. This means:

  • the intellectual/developmental disability has occurred before the age of 22 and
  • has an IQ of 70 or less (as measured by specific testing/evaluations) and/or
  • has day to day living skills that are like having an IQ score of 70 or less (as measured by specific testing/evaluations)

To apply for IDD services contact and complete an application. 

 Along with this application you will need:

  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of Social Security card
  • Copy of Medicaid card
  • If available, testing/evaluations that were completed prior to the age of 22 is helpful, this could include school records/IEP

A Medicaid Waiver is an extra set of benefits available for people on Medicaid who need additional support services or Long-Term Care.  We encourage you to reach out to your Single-Entry Point, or CCB, for accessing these waivers.  These benefits were created for people to use in their community to avoid nursing type of care or institutional level of care.

See below under “Waiver Services” for more information.

Every CCB has this funding that can be used for emergency situations and for people who do not qualify for Medicaid.  There may be a wait list for this program as there is a limited number of people who can be served in any given year.

We encourage you to contact North Metro Community Services if you live in Adams County if you are in this situation. 

(303) 457-1001


Family Support funds are prioritized for children under 18 years of age but may be an option for those who do not qualify for Medicaid.   This program links families with community agencies and provides limited financial resources to meet the needs of the person.  Also managed through the Community Center Board.  There is a wait list for these services.

Video Series on Services in Colorado

What are services & why should you apply?

Play Video

System processes and eligibility

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      Click here to access the resources from the 2nd part in the series. 

After you have completed the Application

Play Video

Enrollment into IDD services in colorado

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       Click here to access the resources from the 4th part in the series.

Waiver Services

You will hear the term “waiver”, it is important to understand what this word means:

  • A waiver is an extra set of benefits to regular Medicaid that provides for a specific kind of services and supports; it’s an improved type of Medicaid (like a vanilla cone with the addition of sprinkles!)
  • A waiver is how services and supports are funded.
  • Services under these waivers are required to be provided in the home and community.

Medicaid Waiver Services for Adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disability

Below are the Medicaid waivers for adults with an intellectual/developmental disability.  Please keep in mind some waivers have a wait list but it’s still important to apply so the State of Colorado can count how many people need these services to live in their community.   

  • Supported Living Services are for individuals age 18 and older who are living in the family home or independently in the community.
  • These services are used to help the individual gain more skills.
  • These services do not include housing options.
  • There is not a wait list for these services.

Please note:  individuals can apply for eligibility at the age of 14, but services are not available until 18 years of age. 

For more information go to:

SLS Waiver Video:

  • Provides for 24 hour, 7 days a week support.
  • To enroll into this waiver individuals must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Living arrangements can range from the family home to a host home setting with 1-3 people who are in services; this is dependent upon the needs of the people receiving services.
  • These services are used to help the individual gain more skills.
  • There is a long wait list for this program, but we encourage you to apply early if these services would be helpful for the future.

For more information go to:

Adult DD Waiver Video:

Individual Rights and Rights Modification PowerPoint with audio


For people who do not meet the criteria for Intellectual/Developmental Disability there are several different waivers.  Each of these adult waivers provides specialized support unique to that group: 

  • brain injury
  • mental health
  • Elderly, Blind and Disabled
  • Spinal Cord Injury

If you are interested in more information about these waivers, or to see if someone might qualify, contact Rocky Mountain Human Services at phone:  844-790-7647, or email at:

Everyone who is in waiver services has a budget for those services.  The budget is tied to an assessment that is completed.  The assessment is called the Supports Intensity Scale or SIS. 

The SIS:

  • is a standardized assessment designed to measure how much and what type of supports an individual with an intellectual/developmental disability needs in the community and in their home.
  • The assessment is done through an interview, that asks specific questions, with the individual and others who know about the individual’s support needs and has known the person for at least three months.
  • The results of this assessment are tied to levels of funding for services which in turn determines how much services an individual can receive.

For more information go to:

Family Caregiver

If you are already receiving services and supports through your local CCB, Family Caregiver is a service delivery model under the I/DD waiver services.  Speak with your Resource Coordinator or Case Manager about this option. 

Consumer Directed Attendant Support Services (CDASS)

CDASS allows an individual accepting Medicaid Waiver services to direct and manage the attendants who provide personal care, homemaker and health maintenance services. CDASS allow the person to hire, train and manage attendants of their choice, including family and friends, to best fit their needs.  This option is currently only available in the Supported Living Services waiver, and other non-I/DD waivers.  It is not available in the DD waiver currently. 

For more information go to:

An Intro to CDASS:

Program Approved Service Agency (PASA)

A Program Approved Service Agency (PASA) is licensed by the State of Colorado to provide long term care services.  Information about Residential, Supported Living Services, Day Program, and Employment Agencies can be found here:

Becoming your own PASA:

Single Entry Points (SEPs)

A Single-Entry Point is the starting point for accessing all Colorado Medicaid Waivers, besides I/DD waivers. See SEP and Medicaid waiver information here:

Supported Decision Making & Guardianship

Guardianship is often unnecessary when the right supports, information and opportunities are given to people.  Learn more about how to support someone with decision making without the need for legal intervention. 

Facebook Live Supported Decision Making Event – Arc of Colorado

PowerPoint Presentation on Supported Decision Making (includes audio)

Note:  It is important to note that The Arc of Adams County is not able to fill out guardianship paperwork.  Doing so is considered an unauthorized practice of law.  We are not attorneys. 

Check out below for more information:

Civil Engagement

Special Needs Trust/Estate Planning

In order to receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid an individual may not have more than $2,000.  If he/she wants to save more than that amount, or if family or friends want to give or leave money to the person, there must be a special needs trust or an ABLE account in place so the person does not loose SSI and Medicaid.

Check out our training on ABLE Accounts here!

Updates to Colorado ABLE:

Under the new law which goes into effect January 1, 2023, the State may no longer file certain claims against an ABLE account upon the death of the designated beneficiary. Known as the Medicaid clawback, the previous practice allowed for the capture of funds to reimburse certain Medicaid expenses, and ultimately discouraged participation by placing private savings at risk.

 The new law also enhances the tax benefits for Colorado ABLE savings accounts, providing a dollar-for-dollar State tax deduction for contributions made into a Colorado ABLE account. 

And, to broaden access and ease of use, a person other than the individual with a disability can now open and administer an ABLE account on behalf of a person with disabilities.

Transition Services for Young Adults

Adams County Community Resources

Benefit Information

Applying for Social Security income (SSI & SSDI)

Medicaid, food stamps and other benefit information at Adams County Department of Human Services




Testing Resources


Find information about trainings offered by The Arc of Adams County here

Services and Funding

North Metro Community Services is the single entry point for I/DD waivers

  • 1001 W 124th Ave
  • Westminster, CO 80234
  • 303-457-1001

Rocky Mountain Human Services

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