You have helped me to ask the judge to get my guardianship back and made sure my rights were protected. You help me stick up for myself and that I have to be firm about what I want!


I am the parent of an adult who has complicated medical needs as well as multiple disabilities. We have relied on the assistance and advocacy of the Arc of Adams County to help us to make informed decisions about her waiver services, this year. They have tirelessly read the state statutes to assure that we abide by the letter of the law. They have met with potential providers, calculated and recalculated the number of hours that could be filled on different waivers and even after we selected the best option for our daughter, they continue to read each email on which we CC them to assure that needs are properly met. At times, they have needed to express our discontent to providers when we were a bit reticent to do so, ourselves…running interference, so to speak. How thankful we are to have the help of such a dedicated, professional, skilled and caring group to help us to help our daughter!


The Arc of Adams has been a valued part of our son’s “village” for over 14 years. In that time, our family has often pushed the envelope by challenging our school district to provide inclusive programs, and equal opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities. Our advocate of 14 years is knowledgeable, passionate, and dedicated. She has educated and empowered us to be effective advocates for our son, standing with us in the most difficult of negotiations. Her value, and the Arc’s value, to our family and to our son is priceless.


I began my relationship with Arc Adams as a parent of a handicapped teen when advocate services were suggested by our daughter’s school counselor. That was in 1999. Since that time, she has had only two advocates, her original one, a second one while her first one took a leave of absence, and then her original one again. Our daughter has had top notch representation by this staff who has been LONG term committed to her best interest. She considers her advocate to be one of her closest friends. I have had a tremendous resource for information and guidance for the intricate and often very confusing world that is handicapped care services for our now adult daughter, and a sounding board when things have been rough. We have never paid a penny for any of the aid they have provided. The folks at Arc Adams are dedicated and lend skilled assistance to those who can’t speak adequately for themselves in untold ways and deserve all the support we can give back to them


I have a client on my caseload that had an Arc Advocate and she was helpful and really cared about the client. We were happy to have her help us through some issues and I would use the Arc again for advocacy whenever needed.

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