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 641 E. 112th Avenue - Northglenn, CO 80233 circle  Phone: (303) 428-0310
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What is advocacy? And what does it mean for me?

We offer a variety of supports for persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families. The Arc of Adams County helps meet the needs of residents in Adams County. We are the only agency in Adams County that provides conflict free intervention and advocacy for persons with I/DD. The utilization of our services prevents costly legal fees for many individuals and families. Services are focused in three areas: Individual and Family Support, Advocacy and Monitoring and Public and Volunteer Services.


The individual and family support program provides a variety of intervention, outreach, educational and family supports to individuals age birth through elderly. In order to empower individuals and families in obtaining quality supports necessary to enhance their quality of life, we offer the following:

  • Information and Referral : Provides information regarding services available to persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) and your families. Referrals are made to a variety of agencies and generic services. Service includes specific information and direction for the individual and/or family to follow and encouragement to call back for direct intervention, if necessary.
  • Individual Intervention and Advocacy : Provides direct intervention and advocacy for individuals and/or families. Working with you we jointly define your outcomes and a plan to achieve them. It is not our role to take over for you but to support and to directly intervene, if necessary, on your behalf to obtain appropriate services, to increase the quality of services or to prevent the termination of services by other systems.
    1. assisting the family to get information about the child's disability;
    2. helping the family understand the services for which the child may be eligible and applying for and monitoring those services;
    3. assists students and parents in learning more about special education laws, their rights according to these laws,
    4. assisting in the development of the Individual Educational Plan (IEP)
    5. monitoring a child's educational services

In order to advocate for you and your child and to work together as an effective team, please read the Parent and Advocate Agreement (pdf format not yet done) Also review the Resources section of our website.


Many adults receive services through a local community centered board (CCB) funded through the Colorado Division for Developmental Disabilities. Adults may also receive support through the Division for Vocational Rehabilitation or need generic community services. Some people want services out of the typical state system and others are on a long waiting list for services. For adults individual advocacy means:

  • A review of all the services they may be eligible for;
  • Help in understanding, accessing and monitoring services;
  • Assistance with making their needs known and having choices about what happens in their life
  • Helping people understand their rights and assuring they are met;
  • For information on specific topics, please review the Resources section of our website.

Family Support : Offers a variety of options for families to receive information and support from other families. Those options are educational workshops, regular informational mailings, and distribution of resource guides. For information on specific topics, please review the Resources section of our website.

Emergency Assistance Fund : Provides assistance to persons in emergency or potential emergency situations. Funds are targeted for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) or families for basic needs. Fund criteria must be met to qualify. The amount of assistance will vary depending on availability.

Parent and Advocate Agreement


  • System Advocacy

It is a goal of The Arc of Adams County to work with educational departments and providers of services for adults to create and maintain quality services to people with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD). We monitor services, research new ways to provide supports and work to assure that all entities keep the best interest of the people they support in the forefront.

  • Legislative Advocacy

There are many expected and unexpected changes proposed by the Colorado legislature every year. Together with other local and state Arc units we track and analyze proposed legislation for its impact on peoples lives. We keep you and other interested parties informed of the potential impact of the legislation and any recommended action. Federal legislation is tracked through Arc US. To learn more about the legislative process and how to contact your public officials go to Get Involved, Advocacy.


This program provides education and training to The Arc of Adams County's staff and staff in other agencies such as public schools, residential services and employment training programs. Volunteer recruitment and development is accomplished through The Arc of Adams County's direct service programs. Membership services are part of this program area. Included is dissemination of an E-Newsletter distributed monthly by email.

Our Annual Membership Meetings are generally held the first week in October. Invitations are mailed out to all current members.

Our membership combined with The Arc of Colorado and The Arc of the US create a powerful voice in the country to promote the rights of persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD). People with I/DD and their families represent less than 1.5% of the general population so it's important to band together in order to offer a powerful voice. The larger our membership, the more attention is paid to what we say--it's as simple as that.

The Arc of Adams County
641 E. 112th Avenue
Northglenn, CO 80233


The only volunteer positions available at this time is for our Board of Directors.

If you are interested in volunteering please email us at

For a donation of goods please contact the arc Thrift Stores at (303) 238-5263. Thank you for your donations and helping to support people with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

How is the Arc Financed?

  • Many people are familiar with "Jane," the person calling to tell you when arc Thrift Store trucks will be in your area to pick up donated items. Primary funding for The Arc of Adams County comes from the operation of the arc Thrift Stores.
  • In order to assure that local units of The Arc in the Front Range Colorado area can remain focused on their primary missions, the arc Thrift Stores were created as the major "fund-raising" mechanism for the organizations and operates as a separate 501-c-3 under IRS code. Earnings from the Thrift Store operation are distributed to member units of The Arc in metropolitan Denver and Colorado Springs.
  • Our primary support of the Emergency Assistance Fund is through cellular phone recycling. Please remind yourselves to drop off your old cell phones and accessories to our office for recycling! Thank you!
  • We also receive support through grants, donations, and membership from the community at large.
  • Sponsor a family For our Holiday Project we look for sponsors for our families for Christmas gifts. If you are interested in sponsoring a family during the holiday please contact our office at 303-428-0310. Thank you for helping those less fortunate during the holidays.
  • We encourage you to support our efforts by becoming an Arc of Adams County member.

 Educational Program
– Program demonstrates inclusive practices, fosters independence in students, identifies measurable educational benefits, encourages parent participation, and continues with on-going staff development.

Education Professional
– Individual that demonstrates creative planning (thinking outside of the box), exceptional communication skills, going above and beyond expected duties, continues to seek new ideas, works well with students, staff and parents, has made a difference in special education.

– Individual or family that presents as an exceptional example of strength and responsibility, achieves in spite of challenges, demonstrates self-advocacy skills, successful due to efforts or has made a difference in their community.

– May include individual, group/agency or business who has made a difference for students with a disability and has promoted inclusive practices by making the individual with a disability included in the natural environment.

Note: Depending on nominations, not all 4 categories may be recognized every year.

  • High Achievement Nomination Form
  • Description for High Achievement Award
  • For nominating a person with an intellectual/developmental disability who has made great strides in their life or who has made a contribution to their community.

    Outstanding Contribution Nomination Form

  • Description for Outstanding Contribution Award

For nominating a person who has significantly improved the life of a person(s) with an intellectual/developmental disability. This could be a single event that has occured or this could be someone who has dedicated a length of time to improving the lives of persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities (host home provider, direct care staff, or professional).