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Below is general information, websites, links and other references.

All disability services available through the intellectual/developmental disability system in Colorado have a variety of eligibility criteria.

Community Center Boards (CCBs) manage resources at the local level. CCBs determine eligibility for community-based services and provide case management. The CCB for Adams County is North Metro Community Services (NMCS). Contact the Resource Coordination department at NMCS for eligibility information. They are located at 1185 W. 124th Ave., Westminster, CO 80234. 303-252-7199,

In Colorado, a intellectual/development disability is defined as a condition that:

  • Occurs before the age of 22,
  • Substantially limited daily living skills in a variety of areas,
  • Is caused by an intellectual impairment, such as, cerebral palsy, autism, Down Syndrome or other neurological conditions, and
  • General intellectual functioning of an IQ of 70 or below.

Children under the age of 5 may qualify due to a developmental delay. This slowed or impaired development may involve the following:

  • Physical/motor
  • Communication (speech)
  • Cognition (learning)
  • Social/Emotional/Behavior
  • Adaptive Skills (self-help skills)

What do you need to have to apply for services?

Ask what specific information is needed when applying for services. If the information is not readily available, it would be helpful to have the name of the professional and contact information for assessment, medical and educational records. You may be asked to sign a release of information form allowing schools, agencies and other pertinent professionals who know the child to send information to the CCB. In general, the following information is needed:

  • Social Security number
  • Medical insurance information/Medicaid card
  • Medical history
  • School Records/Individual Education Programs (IEP)
  • Any psychological/cognitive testing (IQ)
  • Any evaluations, such as, occupational, physical/motor, sensory or speech language

Waiver Services for Children

  • Home and Community Based Services (HCBS): Provides Medicaid benefits in the home or community for children (birth through age 17) with disabilities who would otherwise by ineligible for Medicaid. These children require constant care and have a medical condition, which without intervention, will result in a life-threatening situation. Children must be at risk of nursing facility or hospital placement. Children must meet criteria to qualify.
  • Children with Autism: Provides Medicaid benefits in the home or community for children (birth through age 5) with a medical diagnosis of Autism who are most in need due to the severity of the disability. Children must meet criteria to qualify yearly.
  • Children’s Extensive Support (CES): Provides Medicaid benefits in the home or community for children (birth through age 17) with intellectual/developmental disabilities who are most in need due to the severity of the disability. These children require constant care and line-of-sight supervision due to self-injurious or self-endangering behavior. This may include extensive aggression to self, others and property. Children must meet criteria to qualify yearly.

Through the CCB and the Colorado Department of Education other services for children with intellectual/developmental disabilities can include:

Early Intervention Services (EI): Through early identification, screening and assessment, this program provides infants and toddlers (birth through age 2) services and supports to enhance child development in the areas of cognition, speech, communication, physical/motor development, vision, social/emotional development, self-help skills, parent-child interaction.

Child Find – Early Intervention Services (EI): School districts have professionals who are trained to evaluate children between the ages of three to five in a variety of areas for eligibility determination for early intervention or preschool special education services.